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Our design office innovates and produce in the funeral field

Qualified artists produce unique pieces in-house.

Our production is local and we innovate to minimize our ecological impact.

"First of all, there was an interview.


We had appointement in a coffe shop and  we talked about my history, my personality, my tastes.

The artist, attentive, took notes, asked questions.

Afterwards, he phone called me to talk back about some points, to check a detail or to ask me what importance I attached to an event.

It helped me to determine what I want to say to people that I love.

I recognized myself perfectly in the urn he realized.

It inspired me to take a look on my life and imagine what I would leave behind.

One thing is certain, there will be this urn.

With it I leave on earth a trace that sounds like me !

And who knows if in a few centuries it will not be in the window of a museum?"

That object I keep in my pocket was in my mother’s.

My brother owns one too.
She had them made, all the same as she kept on her.

Now that she’s gone, they connect us.

Buried with her own, they are our attachment, discreet and reassuring.

"The sound of souls.

This is how the noise of the bells used by Tibetan monks in their prayers are described.

This one helped me a lot in my mourn."

"The amulet is an object with powers that help and protect the owner."


Here there is no question of replacing or reinventing beliefs. Our amulets have a poetic and symbolic power to pay tribute to what is essential to us.

Philosophical question to which we will not risk to answer...

However, you can discover our motivations and the purpose of our house by clicking on the following link: